Why Hunt?

A 13 Year Old’s First Whitetail Deer Kill

December 1969, Eason Lake Hunting Club, Angelina County, Texas. I was 13 years old; my 1st whitetail deer season to hunt alone. Whitetail deer season in the piney woods of East Texas in 1969 was not just a family event, it was a community event and almost everyone hunted. Our family was typical and belonged to Eason Lake Hunting Club, bounded on the west side by the Neches River and owned by a local timber company. Almost the entire 2200 acres was considered in the Neches river bottom, a mixture of pine and hardwood. Deer season was king with squirrel a close second. There was a smattering of hogs, absolutely no turkey, but a ton of armadillo. If you have never eaten a young armadillo, you don’t know what you are missing.

2200 acres and over 40 “stands”. Everyone had his or her favorite. Mine was #39. Most everyone hunted out of ground blinds called “houses”. They were built out of 2 X 4’s and corrugated tin. Great for keeping you dry and out of the wind, but a tad noisy. I was hunting out of # 39 that morning and saw a bunch of squirrels, several armadillo, and 2 doe. We had no doe season. A legal deer had to have a forked horn. By mid morning I was cold and bored, so I decided to get out and scout a bit. You really couldn’t go too far as the stands were only a couple hundred yards apart in this area. About 40 yards away from the house, under a low hanging oak limb I found what I only hoped to find, a 3ft by 4 ft oval shaped area cleared of most leaves and debris, a fresh scrape. I know it was fresh, cause I bent over and smelled it. Yep, fresh alright. The smell got me as excited as a big old buck in rut! It was time for pick up, so I rushed out to the dirt road in time to meet my mom, dad and brother Rick in our old Willys jeep. I talked so fast they had to tell me to slow down. I quickly explained what I found and my plan to hunt the scrape that afternoon. Have I told you how excited I was!

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The Beginning

About Tom Martin

I have to tell you, I have never written a blog. In fact, I really wasn’t sure what a “blog” was till we decided to update our site and really try to connect with people. Over the last several months I have read a ton of blogs and researched the most popular hunting, fishing and outdoor blogs around. There are all different kinds: technical blogs, photo blogs, video blogs, advertising blogs, story blogs, political blogs and philosophical blogs.

Well at least for now, I would like to combine them all into a blog that is fun to read, educational is some way, and inspirational in some fashion. Kind of a tall order, but off we go. I would also hope to get input from those of you that read our blogs. Let me know if you like them or not, and/or if you want something different. We may even solicit blog posts from some of you.

The first few blogs will be a little bit of an expanded version of “Our Story” to help you get to know us. We are a faith-based company that is dedicated to our guiding principles of FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM and LOVE OF THE GREAT OUTDOORS. We hope and pray that you will like our pattern, products and company, and will join us in our pursuit of all the Great Outdoors has to offer.

God bless us all and our nation.